Stacking, Stockyards & Reclaiming

Conveyor belts transport the coal from the rail and road receival bins to the stockyard, where it is assembled in areas dedicated to different shippers and coal types in preparation for loading onto the ships.

Three rail-mounted stackers remotely controlled from the Terminal’s Control Tower distribute the coal into stockpiles. If necessary, different coal types can be blended during the stacking process. Great care is taken to ensure stockpiles are kept separate.

PKCT’s stockyard, which has an east and west pad each 50m wide by 1km long, can accommodate up to 850,000 tonnes of coal, although its optimal working capacity is around 600,000 tonnes. This storage capacity is a valuable asset that gives the Terminal considerable flexibility in planning vessel loading schedules.

Coal is stacked in individual vessel consignment lots. Generally each cargo is assembled in the stockyard at least 2-3 days before the vessel berths, to ensure the quickest possible turnaround once the vessel is at the Terminal.

The Terminal has two track-mounted operator-controlled bucketwheel reclaimers that reclaim the coal from the stockpiles for delivery via conveyor belts to the shiploader. The reclaiming machines have 10 buckets on their wheels capable of reclaiming 6,600 tonnes per hour. On the way to the vessel, the coal passes through a sampling plant where samples are taken by independent superintending companies to measure quality, moisture and ash content.