Community & Environment

Committed to Environmental Performance Excellence

PKCT is committed to minimising environmental impact and working in partnership with the local community.

With a focus on operating in an environmentally-responsible manner, PKCT recognises the expectations of both the community and customers.

PKCT is certified to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard and was the first Australian coal terminal to be awarded the minerals industry’s prestigious Environmental Excellence Award. We have a proactive approach to meeting on-going legislative requirements and strive for the highest possible environmental standards through continuous improvement.

Environmental projects aim to suppress dust, reduce the impact of coal transport on the environment and controlling contaminated water discharge into Port Kembla harbour and surrounding waterways.

Stormwater and water collected from the coal stockpiles is treated in settlement ponds to remove coal particles and other impurities. A water cart uses this water for road washing and to assist dust control.

An Annual Environmental Management Report is published, which outlines the Coal Terminal’s performance in accordance with the areas of Environment and Community.

PKCT has a Community Consultative Committee to facilitate working with local neighbours and the community to ensure that we address community expectations and demonstrate a commitment to positive relationships with our neighbours.

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