Dust Suppression

Our biggest environmental challenge is preventing wind-born dust from our stockpiles leaving the site. The NSW South Coast is prone to strong winds, but we have a sophisticated stockpile spray system designed to keep the coal stockpiles moist and prevent dust lift-off in even the strongest winds.

There are 177 computer-controlled sprays located throughout the stockyard. These sprays deliver water onto the coal stockpiles and operate in cycles determined by wind speed and direction. They can also be operated manually as weather conditions require.

Wind speed is measured by an anemometer located on the roof of the Terminal’s Main Control Room, while an anemometer located 70km south of the Terminal provides information on changing weather conditions and early warning of the imminent arrival of strong southerly winds which prevail in summer.

Sprays are also strategically located on the receival and shiploading conveyors to dampen coal and reduce dust emissions prior to stacking or loading onto ships. Use of high quality recycled water commenced in April 08 and has achieved significant fresh water savings. Water is obtained from Sydney Water’s treatment plant which is located nearby.

PKCT has two truck-washing stations and a 24-hour road cleaning operation to minimise the amount of coal dust transported from the site by coal trucks and other vehicles.