About PKCT

Port Kembla Coal Terminal (PKCT) is a key coal exporting facility on Australia’s east coast, 72 km south of Sydney. It services two of the nation’s richest coal reserves, the Southern and Western coalfields of New South Wales, exporting high quality coking and steaming coal to customers around the world.

Coal mining began in the Southern coalfields in 1849. Over the last century and a half, the quality of coking coal produced by the region’s mines has become greatly prized by steelmakers around the world for its excellent metallurgical properties. Similarly, steaming coal from the Western coalfields is highly regarded by energy producers.

The vision of PKCT is to be a valued link in the global coal supply chain. PKCT is a flexible coal terminal, loading valuable coal and bulk products resources.

PKCT Benefits

PKCT has excellent rail receival facilities connected to the NSW rail network.

  • We receive coal by road and rail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Trains at 3,300 tonnes per train
  • PKCT can receive A-double configuration trucks
  • PKCT’s stockyard is 50m wide by 1km long and can accommodate up to 850,000 tonnes of coal